Saturday, July 11, 2009

ten more days!

i've been counting the days till i leave for denmark. i'm nervous and excited! this will be the first time i've been overseas. what a grand adventure this will be (o:

i'm going to a place called vejlefjordskolen to be an assistant dean of women. what am i going to be doing? befriending the students there, waking them up every morning and saying goodnight to them everynight, helping with homework, etc. i'll know more when i get there and start working.

i'm 22 years old and i've never been on a mission trip and have always wanted to go on one, but never really had the chance or ever took the opportunity till now. for those of you who are curious as to why i chose denmark and why i am choosing to be a student missionary i'll explain. many months ago i had this thought of being a missionary somewhere, but if God really wanted me to then He would give me a sign, or at least that's what i prayed for. weeks later i heard a gentleman with an accent. i was on my way to class and i figured that if he was still around i could speak with him after class because i was already somewhat late. i walked out of class and he was still there, so we spoke for some time. i found out that he's from denmark, and his name is mr. christiansen, and he told me about a school called vejlefjordskolen. he introduced me to someone who had worked there as an assistant dean of women, marcela, and we spoke for awhile. she gave me the pros and cons of working there. one thing after another happened, and i enrolled in a course to better prepare myself for what lies ahead.

i want to thank those who contributed and for those who couldn't but offered encouragement and prayers! i really do appreciate it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

1st Post

Yay!!!! Tricia's starting a blog! WOOT WOOOT!

-Christy and Sarah